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0003413PluginsNetBoxpublic2017-05-05 19:05
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Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003413: NetBox x86 crash with FTP connection with TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
DescriptionWhen I try to connect using NetBox FTP connection with TLS/SSL Explicit encryption, the Far Manager is crashed in the connection process.
This error only appeared in x86 NetBox version ( 24.03.2017), x64 NetBox is ok. Far Manager version: 3.0 build 4924 (x86).

Error message: Exception Occured
Exception: Access violation (write to 0x036AF000)
Address: 0x5DC6DF80 SetStartupInfoW
Function: FarUnhandledExeptionFilter
Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Far Manager\Far.exe
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2017-03-26 15:53


host1.log (1,928 bytes)


2017-03-26 15:54


host2.log (1,988 bytes)


2017-03-27 14:44

developer   bugnote:0015305

Cannot reproduce with Filezilla server. I need more info - which server is used, etc
Can you send me logs?


2017-05-05 19:03

reporter   bugnote:0015344

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The logs attached to description of original issue. Server version: ProFTPD 1.3.5b
The problem is present NetBox 01.05.2017 x86 version too (x64 version is OK).
FAR v3.0 build 4953 x86
OS: Windows 8.1 x64

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