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0001011Far ManagerPlugins APIpublic2011-02-10 22:20
Reporterfree3domAssigned Tozg 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.0 
Summary0001011: Unable to programatically determine on which side (left/right) drive menu is shown
DescriptionWhen a plugin is invoked from a Drive Menu entry (ie. OpenPluginW() with OpenFrom==OPEN_DISKMENU) there is no way to determine on which side (left/right; ie. ALT+F1/ALT+F2) the Drive Menu was shown. All that is supplied in OpenPluginW() is the item number. There has to be a way to either query for this using a command, or provide this directly to the OpenPluginW() function.
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max rusov

2010-08-26 01:29

reporter   bugnote:0005724

Возможно, стоит решить эту проблему? Это пригодилось бы для многих плагинов.


2010-08-26 13:41

updater   bugnote:0005725

До кучи: последний раз тема актуализировалась при обсуждении плагина SameFolder+


2011-02-10 22:20

administrator   bugnote:0006436


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