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0001040Far ManagerMain menupublic2017-10-31 22:58
Reporterfarman Assigned ToDrKnS  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0 
Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0001040: Main Usermenu & Console Command
Descriptionhi, this is my first time in here. :)

The following bug is reported by me in the forum and (shortly) discussed. Please, have a look too:


There seems to be an error in "User menu" by handling Console Commands:
(System: Win XP SP3, Far 2: current nightly build)

F2 (User Main Menu):
Command: "CLS & ECHO. & ipconfig /all & ECHO. & ECHO. & PAUSE"

Problem 1:

1. With "CLS" the command doesn't work (tested with other commands too)

2. Test:
Changing the Command to "ECHO. & ipconfig /all & ECHO. & ECHO. & PAUSE"

-> Result:
"ECHO." doesn't produce an empty line. "ECHO." works like "ECHO" (= echo is on/off). Same Error by typing it in Prompt. The other "ECHO." at the end of line work ok.
(Try also: "ECHO. & ECHO. & PAUSE")

Maybe a wrong Implementation in FAR 2? It still works in Far 1.7x.


Problem 2:

Another Error / strange behaviour of FarMenu:

1. Set Directory to %FarHome%
2. F2 (Menu read from Farmenu.ini in MainFolder)
Shows: "Local menu"
3. press Backspace
Shows: "Main menu (FAR folder)" (same as local)
4. press Backspace
Shows: "Main menu (Registry)" (empty)

1. Set Directory not in %FarHome%
2. F2 (Menu read from Farmenu.ini in MainFolder)
Shows: "Main menu (FAR folder)"
3. press Backspace
Shows: "Main menu (Registry)" (empty)

Try this from a Submenu by going back to higher menu with BS (FarFolder and another Directory). This is strange too.

These doubled and empty menus are somehow strange. It's an old behaviour (far 1.x too).
BS should work like ESC. (workaround macro: BS in Menus becomes ESC).

Problem 3:

Recording a Macro (BS in Menus becomes ESC):
Always saved in Work Area "User Menu". It doesn't matter if recording is started in "Main menu" or "Local Menu".
Anyway, it works...
Additional InformationThanx to everybody.

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2016-09-12 17:49

updater   bugnote:0014761

Problem 1: There was similar ticket..
As workaround you can use cmd /c
Anyway far need to be fixed

Problem 2: Far 3 still has it.

Problem 3: Failed to understand


2016-09-12 19:04

administrator   bugnote:0014762

Far 2: current nightly build


Far 2 is not supported and there are no nightly builds of it.


2016-09-13 09:57

reporter   bugnote:0014763

Oh man, this is rather old. We better forget about problem 1 and 3.


2016-09-14 06:31

updater   bugnote:0014766

Why forget about problem 1?
It is still here
F2 (User Main Menu):
Command: "CLS & ECHO. & ipconfig /all & ECHO. & ECHO. & PAUSE"


2016-09-25 17:38

administrator   bugnote:0014807

1 - "CLS & ECHO. & ipconfig /all & ECHO. & ECHO. & PAUSE" should work in 4797.

2 - this one works in the same way in both far and cmd. Could you elaborate please?


2017-09-23 09:46

updater   bugnote:0015608

Shouldn't this be closed?


2017-09-23 14:48

reporter   bugnote:0015609

Except we have to keep this historical artifact for the next generations. ;)

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