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0001524Far ManagerCopy/Movepublic2015-07-11 15:05
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001524: Content of directory under symbolic link is not copied to flash drive
DescriptionI make directory with some simbolic links in it.
Then I copy it to flash (from C: to H:)
As result copied only hard files and directories and for links I recieve result directory with wrong link on other computer, but "right" on source computer: path in the top of screen H:/.... , but free space show from disk ะก:.
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2015-07-11 15:05

reporter   bugnote:0013694

By default, symlinks are copied as symlinks. To copy the contents instead, use the optional checkbox in the copy dialog, "Copy contents of symbolic links". I do not know if the feature existed at the time this 2010 issue was opened, but at this point nothing more needs to be done.

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