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0001563Far ManagerViewerpublic2011-03-22 00:15
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001563: Viewer highlights found string incorrectly
DescriptionWhen viewing a unicode file with BOM and searching for a string Far finds the string but highlights it incorrectly - with a 3 char offset to the left.
Steps To ReproduceIn Far 2.0.1666 x64 open attached file generic.xaml in viewer (F3). Search (F7) for string "Disabled" without quotes. Far finds the string, but highlights it with two char offset to the left. I.e. on line

<vsm:VisualState x:Name="Disabled">

it highlights text

Additional InformationSince BOM takes two bytes, it seems highlighting does not take BOM into account when calculating position. Probably if file contained some multibyte unicode characters this bug would be even worse.
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duplicate of 0000786 closedvskirdin Неверное отображение найденного текста в файлах UTF-8 



2010-11-01 09:13


generic.xaml (200,895 bytes)


2010-11-01 12:06

updater   bugnote:0005930

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