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0001585Far ManagerEditorpublic2011-03-21 23:45
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Summary0001585: I would like a symbol in the external editor dialog that displays the full path of all selected files.
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Basically I want the equivalent of !& that lists the full paths as opposed to just the file names.
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duplicate of 0000920 closed Wishes Усовершенствование метасимвола !& 



2011-01-18 20:11

reporter   bugnote:0006188

It would be nice to introduce a syntax to apply the modifiers of `!@!' (A,F,S,Q) to `!&'. E.g. `!*!' might be equivalent to `!&' whereas `!*FQ!' would solve the initial request.

On the other hand, it's very seldom that quotes surrounding paths/names with spaces should be omitted in this list. So it might make sense to quote space-containing items by default and introduce a `q' modifier, opposite to `Q'.


2011-01-19 11:18

updater   bugnote:0006196

Related ticket: 0000920


2011-01-19 17:27

reporter   bugnote:0006213

Ok this is basically a duplicate of the Russian ticket 920. I'm ok with this one being closed.

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