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0002258Wishes[Far Manager] Folder Shortcutspublic2017-12-06 23:29
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Summary0002258: Wishes for FolderShortCuts
(i hope the severity "feature" is the right place for a wish...?)

1. I like to have a divider in FolderShortCuts like "--:" in "farmenu.ini" for static Folders.
At present my not-so-fine-workaround is put a line "---------------------" in Title or Path. At least it works...

2. I would like to sort the folders in FolderShortCut-Window via CtrlUp/Down

3. I would like to have "hotkeys" like in PlugMenu F11 or FarMenu F2.

4. And now something more extreme:
I would like to have an more intelligent Folder (AutoFill) menu. This means for example:
If I have several FolderShortCuts on Key CtrlShift1 and I select "C:\" a listwindow should popup showing me the real folders in C:\.
i hope this is clear enough... something like Autofill in dialogs (e.g. when you press F5 and type in the destinationpath you will see a listwindow which shows the fitting folders)
And there should be an option to enable/disable this function on every shortcut.

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thank you very much.
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2013-01-29 09:27

developer   bugnote:0010132

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1) title = '--' and empty path === separator
   title != '--' and empty path and 1-st item === submenu title

2) done already

3, 4) not now...


2013-01-30 12:48

reporter   bugnote:0010143

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Thank you very much.

I'm sorry to say that we have two possibilities:
1. The easiest way: Step back to the no-seperator version
2. The hard way: Change the FSC-concept

Main problem:
I can't (select and) delete the seperator! Or do you know any easy way to do that? So, the easy solution is to remove "seperators" and step back.

(New) Hotkey problem (independent of your changes):

My FSC (shortened):
RightCtrl+1 │ &1 K:\USER ►
RightCtrl+2 │ &1 K:\TOOLS ►
RightCtrl+7 │ K:\TOOLS\Far3\Profile\Macros

I use some (static) sub-FSC and use the Hotkey &1,&2,&3... for them.
As you can see in the main FSC-menu these folders are shown with the "&" Symbol which doesn't look nice. All the coding-workarounds I'm thinking of (to many to list them here) do not really solve this and the other following cosmetic problems.

The FSC work/looks well as long are there no sub-FSC.
Many people like to have the functionality of FSC and more (look at all the plugins over the last years).
For portability there should be an easy way to change the shortcuts via batchfile (with search&replace tools).

The best way to handle this would be to change the FSC-concept and to save/use FSC like the menu (F2) with an ini-file (farmenu.ini) - no sqlite.

A lot of far-user would be happy if you like the hard way...


2013-01-30 13:05

developer   bugnote:0010144

3. F9 c d <select shortcut submenu> F4


2013-01-30 13:18

reporter   bugnote:0010145

Aha! Some kind of a hidden function. F4 on a sub-FSC...
This case should be added to help.

But still i'm praying for the INI-version to realize a better concept to handle...


2013-01-30 13:36

developer   bugnote:0010146

1) available key list (and F4 too) you can find in the dialog window bottom.

2) I am not sure that is right way for FSC.
The is another wish 0002270 and far forum discussion (in russian).
The idea is: add possibility to open/edit usermenu from any file...
Something like: Menu.Open('MyMenu.ini') just from your macro.


2013-01-30 14:12

reporter   bugnote:0010147

1) I never expexted anything when pressing F4 on a submenu-item. I've tried it once a long time ago and realized that changing subitems name (missing feature) is not possible. So it doesn't make any sense to me to try it again. It's just a "special case" that should be mentioned in F1.

2) Googles russian translation is most of the time really hard so I didn't really catch the connection with my wish. I thought it would be "easy" to code the menu-functionality (or that from temporary-panel) in FSC and then there is everything we need. And maybe in the future we can add some special things.

I will lean back a while, waiting for the things to come. Maybe I use the time to write a macro.
And I hope you never change MENU-ini-format to sqlite or I'll jump out of the window...


2017-12-06 23:29

developer   bugnote:0015888

After latest FSC refactoring (not mine) that issue is not actual.
Any FSC wishes should be recreated according current conditions.

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