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0002261Far ManagerFolder Shortcutspublic2013-04-25 12:59
Reporterfarman Assigned ToDrKnS  
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0002261: Expand environment variables in folder shortcuts menu
Descriptionhi again.

When I fill in (edit) a path in a foldershortcut and no Title then the path is automatically shown in normal foldershortcut window.

Using %farhome% as a foldershortcut shows me "%farhome%". But this should be the real path like "C:\TOOLS\FAR...".

Can you please fix that?
Steps To Reproducesee above.
Additional InformationThank you.
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2013-01-18 06:39

reporter   bugnote:0010043

Oh, I forgot this:

Of course I mean all environment variables. Not only "%farhome%".


2013-01-18 10:16

developer   bugnote:0010045

'shows %farhome%' it is absolutly correct if goes to 'C:\TOOLS\FAR\...'


2013-01-18 10:26

reporter   bugnote:0010046

yes, it is correct and works. this is not the point. i mean that it would be more practical to see the real path in the foldershortcut-popup and not the variable.

If someone like to see the name of the environment var then he can write it into the title.


2013-01-18 10:43

developer   bugnote:0010047

And vice versa -- if someone like to see the real path he can write it into the title.
I want to see (and edit) in the edit field exactly what I wrote there last time.


2013-01-18 10:55

reporter   bugnote:0010048

'vice versa' doesn't work if you're using different environment vars in different locations (portable aspect). that's the problem. it will always be "%farhome%" and you never see the real path. but it would be more helpful to see the real path - especially in different locations.

and on the other side: it is no problem to write "%farhome%" in title.


2013-01-18 11:50

updater   bugnote:0010049

>I want to see (and edit) in the edit field exactly what I wrote there last time.
You are right about edit fields.
But may be it would be better to expand variable in Folder Shorcuts menu.


2013-01-18 12:45

administrator   bugnote:0010050


farman, please give more specific names to issues.


2013-01-18 13:16

reporter   bugnote:0010053

Wow! The issue sounds very much better now.
Sorry, but somehow I couldn't see the trees in the forest.


2013-01-19 08:25

reporter   bugnote:0010056

It works. Thank you very much.

One thing I'm not sure if it is wanted:
If you hide both panels (Ctrl-O) and pick a foldershortcut from the Folder Shorcuts menu then it will not be executed. It is only copied to Commandline.

Althoguh this doesn't disturb me, it's a kind of nonuniformed. Or is there a special reason for this other way of behaviour?


2013-01-21 20:12

administrator   bugnote:0010094

I checked code, it's a feature: folder shortuts works in such way in any edit line, and command line is a edit line too.


2013-01-22 06:06

reporter   bugnote:0010096

From the point of view of a programer this is ok. From users view this nonuniformed behaviour of the same key isn't really easy to understand.
But I think it will be ok.

At least F1 should be changed:

Now ():
If RightCtrl-0..9 pressed in edit line, it inserts the shortcut path into the line.
If RightCtrl-0..9 pressed in a dialog edit line, it inserts the shortcut path into the line.
If you're working in Panel Mode and the panels are off, it inserts the shortcut path into the command line.

Will there be any chance to get the Folder Shortcut menu working like Farmenu? I mean Hotkeys for static Folders and the possibility to move entries via CtrlUp/Down?


2013-01-22 21:17

administrator   bugnote:0010099

Last edited: 2013-01-22 21:19

CtrlUp/Down added.
You can add static hotkeys yourself by inserting '&' anywhere in item name.


2013-01-23 06:05

reporter   bugnote:0010100

Great. Thank you very much.

Inserting "&" is a nice trick. Although it would be nicer and more unique to have an extra field in "Folder Shortcut - Edit" like in Menu.

This trick and CtrlUp/Down should be added to "Folder Shortcut - F1" too.

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