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0002318Far ManagerFast Findpublic2013-03-04 13:45
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Summary0002318: FastFind in panels: Keys "/" + "\" select first item in panel
DescriptionKeys "/" + "\" are possible in FastFind.
As far as I see this doesn't make any sense ;)
After using one of those keys the first item will be selected.

Steps To Reproduce1. Alt<
2. type in fastsearch dialog: / or \

if it is not possible to reproduce then maybe this is a problem of using national (german) keyboard (this is already reported).
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2013-03-04 12:55

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Actually the slash in FastFind make some sense.
Single slash is for jumping to first folder (exluding "..").
Try to uncheck "Show directories first" and you will see.

Slash as ending char seems more usefull: it means that you want to jump to folder, not file.

Old discussion (russian):


2013-03-04 13:45

reporter   bugnote:0010440

google translation is really horrible...
I agree with you, JohnDoe, in the hope that I understood the main things.

Slash at the end of search is a quiet nice hidden feature, which I missed sometimes. And Slash at the beginning of search could be useful too, provided that I know about this function.

Please, put these special keys in Documentation/Help.

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