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0002358WishesCopy/Movepublic2013-04-06 19:48
ReporterMauro72 Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0 
Summary0002358: New design of copy/move window...
DescriptionNew design of copy/move window. Not to near the two progress bar, and the
text a little merge 'copy file (the file) -> to (the file).
I think is better ;)
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2013-04-02 22:07


CopyImage2.jpg (70,686 bytes)   
CopyImage2.jpg (70,686 bytes)   


2013-04-02 22:11


CopyImage.jpg (81,295 bytes)   
CopyImage.jpg (81,295 bytes)   


2013-04-02 22:17

reporter   bugnote:0010649

Oops, wrong section (issue). Is a wish!!!


2013-04-02 22:22

administrator   bugnote:0010650

1. Why you put second progress bar right under destination file name?
These progress bars are not for "reading" and "writing", they are for "current file" and "all files".
2. Too little space left for total bytes count. You never copied more than 10 Gb?

max rusov

2013-04-02 22:33

reporter   bugnote:0010651

Никогда не понимал зачем два прогресс бара - только мельтешение создает. Предлагаю оставить один.


2013-04-03 01:02


ImageCopy3edit.jpg (48,777 bytes)   
ImageCopy3edit.jpg (48,777 bytes)   


2013-04-03 01:06

reporter   bugnote:0010652

These progress bars are not for "reading" and "writing", they are for "current file" and "all files".
I know DrKnS. Sorry for my error.
The window n3?


2013-04-06 19:48

reporter   bugnote:0010685

Два прогресс бара иногда полезны (при нехватке времени и копировании на флешку): копируешь папку и видишь - один из файлов очень большой, и он тебе не очень-то нужен...

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