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0002397Far ManagerKeyboardpublic2013-12-09 08:10
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002397: Wrong keycodes for CtrlAlt[ etc.
DescriptionWhen I press Ctrl[,CtrlShift[,CtrlAlt[,CtrlAltShift[,Alt[,AltShift[, Far3 says that I had pressed CtrlF,CtrlShiftF,CtrlAltF,CtrlAltShiftF,AltF,AltShiftF respectively. But the key [ alone is recognized correctly.

This happens both for the English and my national keyboard.

Steps To ReproduceE.g. by defining a new macro:

Ctrl. Ctrl. CtrlAlt[
Additional InformationThe following sequence of pluginapi.cpp functions should return at the end the same key-name with which it started:

  BOOL WINAPI apiKeyNameToInputRecord(const wchar_t *Name,INPUT_RECORD* RecKey)
  size_t WINAPI apiInputRecordToKeyName(const INPUT_RECORD* Key, wchar_t *KeyText, size_t Size)
  _ASSERTE(lstrcmpi(Name, KeyText)==0)

but for the above mentioned key combinations it doesn't.

I have traced the problem a little in the debugger. The problem is caused by keyboard.cpp (in Far3 sources). The following functions (called in apiKeyNameToInputRecord and apiInputRecordToKeyName) make the following value transformations:

  KeyNameToKey: CtrlAlt[ -> 0x0300005b
  KeyToInputRecord: 0x0300005b -> wVirtualKeyCodе==0x46
  but the other way round, InputRecordToKey: -> 0x03000046

It's interesting that for [ alone, the transformations are:

  KeyNameToKey: CtrlAlt[ -> 0x0000005b
  KeyToInputRecord: 0x0000005b -> wVirtualKeyCodе==0x46 //only dwControlKeyState is 0 now
  InputRecordToKey: -> 0x0000005b

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