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0002585Documents_Commonpublic2017-10-22 22:46
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002585: cyrillic text on bottom of "File masks" help page of nightly build
Descriptionsimply open file masks help page and scroll down:

   The comma (or semicolon) is used for separating file masks from each other, and the '|' character separates
include masks from exclude masks.

   Маски файлов могут быть объединены в группы.
Additional Informationfound this on nightly build from last night.
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duplicate of 0002757 new Several pages of the English help are entire or partially in Russian 



2014-01-29 14:37

developer   bugnote:0011796


2017-10-18 11:40

updater   bugnote:0015698

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Should be closed as duplicate of 0002575

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