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0002666Far ManagerPlugins API.Editorpublic2014-05-07 17:16
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Summary0002666: New events for ProcessEditorEventW
DescriptionFor my plugins, I would find it quite useful if the ProcessEditorEventW function got expanded. Specifically, I need:

- EE_CANCLOSE, which would get called just before EE_CLOSE and with the same arguments. If it returned TRUE (the default value), then normal closing would commence, otherwise the closing would be aborted and the edited file would remain in the editor.


- I don't need that yet, but it would follow that EE_LOAD would also have a BEFORE and AFTER variant.
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2014-05-06 17:19

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EE_CANCLOSE: Should it occur before or after asking user about unsaved changes?
(or maybe instead)


2014-05-06 17:33

reporter   bugnote:0012370

Perhaps several different return values would solve that:
1 - discard changes and close
2 - save changes and close
3 - ask about changes and close
4 - don't close


2014-05-06 17:42

updater   bugnote:0012371

Do we need EE_CANCLOSE in case of ECTL_QUIT (


2014-05-06 18:53

reporter   bugnote:0012372

In my opinion, EE_CANCLOSE should be called regardless of the reason for EE_QUIT - including ECTL_QUIT. If the default value is "ask about changes and close", a plugin developer doesn't need to do anything to get the same behavior as today.


2014-05-07 10:02

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ECTL_QUIT closes editor unconditionally, w/o asking about any unsaved changes.
Plugin that sent ECTL_QUIT may rely that editor is closed.
So I am pretty sure that we do not need EE_CANCLOSE here.


2014-05-07 17:09

reporter   bugnote:0012380

Why not set the default value to 1 in this case then? For user-initiated quit the default would be 3.

But I am not using ECTL_QUIT at all, so consider that just a suggestion.


2014-05-07 17:16

updater   bugnote:0012381

It is not about default value at all

1) "Plugin A" calls ECTL_QUIT, expecting immediately quit w/o saving
2) "Plugin B" catches EE_CANCLOS and sets return value different from 1
3) "Plugin A" gets in trouble (crash, hang, HDD format)

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