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Summary0002757: Several pages of the English help are entire or partially in Russian
DescriptionAlthough my FAR version is in English, these pages/sections appear in Russian:

*Selecting files

*Settings dialog: AutoComplete

*Settings dialog: system
-"Delete symbolic links"
-"Smart folder panel monitor"
-Sections between "CD drive auto mount" and "Auto save setup"

*Settings dialog: panel
-The one after "Show status line"
-The last two, after "Show sort mode letter"

*Tree settings
-The last one, after "Auto change folder"

*Settings dialog: interface
-The last one, "Far window title addons"

*Settings dialog: Autocomplete

*Info panel settings

*Plugins manager

*File group mask settings

Steps To ReproduceOpen FAR.
Press F1.
Press ENTER to select "Help file index".
Press Page Down until finding "Selecting files" and select it. Page appears in Russian.
Press Backspace and select the next page: "Settings dialog: AutoComplete". Page appears in Russian.
Press ENTER to select the already selected link "far:config". Page appears in Russian.
Press ENTER again to select the already selected link, which takes you to "Menus: options menu".
Many of the reported pages/sections can be found by navigating through those links.
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2014-08-04 20:50

reporter   bugnote:0012835

Typo: Summary should read "entirely".


2014-08-04 20:55

updater   bugnote:0012836

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Well, native language of FAR developers is Russian.
Someone has to translate it to English.


2014-08-04 20:56

administrator   bugnote:0012837

Yes, we know.
Any help in the translation of these sections is very welcome.


2014-08-04 22:39

reporter   bugnote:0012838

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to create an unnecessary entry in Mantis.

I have used FAR for years but I have never come across any Russian text before, so I thought it was some kind of bug and not a missing translation. I would love to help but unfortunately I don't know Russian.


2014-08-04 23:13

updater   bugnote:0012839

It's possible to use Google translate (or any other machine translation software) to get basic understanding.
Then you could describe things in English.

It's hard work though.


2017-02-27 17:40

reporter   bugnote:0015226

Caught another instance of Russian text in "Customizing file panel view modes":
"При указании колонок, отвечающих за показ ссылок, ..."

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