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Summary0002798: Damaged contents of the saved sessions
DescriptionSince FAR3 build 4017, NetBox seems to forget data for some stored sessions. The choice of the sessions seems completely arbitrary (happens for both FTP and SFTP sessions, with normal login or anonymous, etc.), but if it happens, the loss is consistent. It is OK with build 4015, it fails for all versions between 4017 and 4098 (the most current version).

I suspect this might be related to changes in FAR3 itself, because I am experiencing other major problems with my plugin when moving from 4015 to 4017, and my plugin didn't change, but since this behavior also occurs if I copy 4017 NetBox to 4015 FAR (and stops occuring if I copy 4015 NetBox to 4017 FAR), this is perhaps the better place to start the investigation.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new installation of FAR3 build 4015, with only the default plugins included.
2) Extract the attached database file to PROFILE\PLUGINSDATA.
3) Run FAR
4) F11, NetBox, select "! Pepak (Yubikey)", F4
5) Notice that file protocol is "FTP", host name is "" etc.
6) Quit FAR
7) Upgrade to build 4017.
8) Run FAR
9) F11, NetBox, select "! Pepak (Yubikey)", F4
10) Notice that file protocol is now "SFTP" (the default value), host name is empty, login type changed as well.
11) Quit FAR
12) Copy NetBox from build 4015.
13) Repeat. Notice that the session data is once again in the original (correct) form.
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The FAR report is here:


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I can confirm the issue with broken sessions in Netbox with build 4184.
About 60 of my 70+ Netbox sessions are broken on latest builds after 4015. The last Netbox version that I see in the SQLite tables is 2.1.37. The 2.1.40 version of Netbox breaks the saved sessions. The actual data records in the plugin's SQLite DB seems unaffected though. So only the sessions in the plugin window are unusable.

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