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0002809PluginsNetBoxpublic2016-06-20 13:25
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002809: Netbox stops passing key information to putty.exe
DescriptionLatest version lost ability to pass private key information to putty. The same settings but different versions of plugin:

Previous version from author's github comandline:
"putty.exe" -pw ************** -load "WinSCP temporary session"

Current verion commandline:
"putty.exe" -l root -P 60022
Additional InformationAfter upgrading putty, sessions created by farmanager became unreadable so I made this patch to putty itself (to read_setting_s() function which contains a bug on getting null terminated string from registry):

char *read_setting_s(void *handle, const char *key)
    DWORD type, size;
    char *ret;

    if (!handle)
    return NULL;

    /* Find out the type and size of the data. */
    if (RegQueryValueEx((HKEY) handle, key, 0,
            &type, NULL, &size) != ERROR_SUCCESS ||
    type != REG_SZ)
    return NULL;

    ret = snewn(size+1, char);
    if (RegQueryValueEx((HKEY) handle, key, 0,
            &type, ret, &size) != ERROR_SUCCESS ||
    type != REG_SZ) {
        return NULL;

+ // terminate string
+ ret[size] = '\0';

    return ret;

I've posted this to putty developers so they should fix the issue in next releases.
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