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0002820PluginsNetBoxpublic2014-10-04 08:56
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Summary0002820: Incorrect handling of session import/export
DescriptionImport session from files is flawed in that it will always create/edit a session identified by <Session name="...">. While this is logical from the point of view of session backups, it is very much counterintuitive when considered from the session management point of view - e.g. if I wanted to move a stored session to a subdirectory, the standard FAR manager way would be to open Netbox in two panels and copy a session file from active panel (root) to passive panel (subdirectory). But it won't work, because this gets handled as export-to-temp (which works correctly) followed by import-from-temp (which doesn't, because the file says <Session name="something">, so rather than creating a new session "subdir/something", the session "something" gets updated). It would make sense to change the import so that the target session name was CurrentDirectory + '/' + SessionName, rather than just SessionName. Much the same thing with export, the CurrentDirectory component should be removed from session name on export.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new session "abc" in the root directory of the sessions panel.
2) Copy the session to filesystem (creating an abc.netbox file).
3) Delete the "abc" session.
4) Create a subdirectory "def" in the sessions panel and enter it.
5) Copy the abc.netbox file from the filesystem to "def" subdirectory.
a) Expected behavior: A session "abc" appears in the "def" subdirectory.
b) Actual behavior: A session "abc" appears in the root directory. (Note: If step #3 was skipped, then the existing "abc" session would get updated from the external file without a warning!)
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