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0002846Far ManagerKeyboardpublic2014-10-25 13:27
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Summary0002846: Keyboard - national characters problem (some supplementation)
Descriptionrelated to 0002259 (reported by me)
related to 0002275, 0002110, 0002397

First of all, I'm sorry for doing some kind of doubling the above posts. I liked to add the picture (-> Uploaded file) but didn't know how to do that in the recent postings without damaging something.

I took a german keyboard picture, painted a little bit in it to *visualize* the problematic keys and hope you can use it somehow to get on with the problem. Maybe you get a quick inspiration to fix that in the next 10 minutes ;-)

The national chars alone are not really the problem. I think, FAR users come along with that. But the chaotic and doubled key combinations are very hard to handle.
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related to 0002259 new Recorded macro does not play back on some keys (german Keyboard) 



2014-10-24 20:35


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