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0002937PluginsNetBoxpublic2015-02-10 14:01
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002937: NetBox crashes silently after FTP listing with symlinks
DescriptionNetBox (shipped with Far manager v3.0.4242 x64 as recent "stable") apparently crashes in one specific of many FTP sessions I use. After logging in, it lists a lot of directories and files. There are also directories created as symbolic links.

When I try to change into a directory, or even get back to the sessions list (selecting '..' or pressing Ctrl+PgUp), the panel gets reverted to the local file system view. There is no error message. NetBox probably crashed already right after updating the panel listing, calling the viewer (F3) does nothing, copying a file (F5) shows the local file system as well, instead of the copy dialog of NetBox.

NetBox (shipped with Far manager v3.0.4040 x64 as previous "stable") can handle this situation.

When I turn off the option "Resolve symbolic links" for this FTP session, NetBox survives.
Steps To Reproduce1. Select NetBox in a Far manager panel
2. Log in into a normal FTP session with password, where resolving symlinks is enabled
3. The directory content is listed in the panel, linked directories appear as
4. Try to change into a directory
5. NetBox seems to close silently, the local file system is displayed in the panel

Unfortunately I can't share access details to this FTP server...
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