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0002961PluginsNetBoxpublic2015-03-06 16:29
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Product Version3.0 
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Summary0002961: Doesn't import multiple accounts
DescriptionTrying to import multiple accounts from one .netbox xml-file will bring all account, but only the first one will work because others will lose some properties.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create 2 or more FTP account in NetBox
2. Check they are working
3. Export each account into file (press F5) and delete them from NetBox
4. Merge all <Session> tags with content into one .netbox xml-file
5. Import (copy to NetBox by pressing F5) all accounts at once to NetBox
6. Check are they working?

RESULT: only one account will work (the first one listed in merged file), other accounts will be listed, but request to complete details
Additional InformationIssue duplicated with latest stable build version 4242
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