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0002974Far ManagerDelete files/folderspublic2015-03-29 11:55
ReporterMegamonster Assigned To 
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002974: Far can't delete file opened with arclite
DescriptionIf I open a file with arclite and try to delete it on another panel, Far will ask for Administrator privileges, then fail to delete it when it gets it.

Could you add some cooperation between Far and arclite plugin to let Far delete file?
Steps To Reproduce1. Open an archive with arclite
2. Try to delete it on another panel
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2015-03-28 20:22

developer   bugnote:0013602

Far does not fail to delete it. As soon as you exit from the archive the file on the passive panel will disappear. (I'm not sure if this is the best way to handle the situation but at least it does not surprise me).


2015-03-29 10:47

reporter   bugnote:0013603

I want uniformity, so I'll try to explain this in detail.

If a USB stick is open on a panel and you try to remove it - Far does that trick (automatically exits from the drive and performs removal procedure). However, if you try to delete an opened file, it gives you an error. I'd like to get Far to do what it does to a USB drive - close handles automagically and remove it without giving error.

That's why I set Severity to "Tweak."

I don't think that it's a serious obstacle to tackle, just a couple of lines of code.


2015-03-29 11:55

developer   bugnote:0013604

> However, if you try to delete an opened file, it gives you an error.
don't get any error, if file opened only by arclite. are you sure that its arclite in your case block file? or for example some antiviral software doesn't block?
btw when far fails to delete file it usuallh shows that process lock file.

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