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0002981PluginsArclitepublic2016-05-05 10:35
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0002981: arclite on extracting files create 'nul' folder instead of copying to 'nul' device
Description'nul' is a NULL device that discards all data written to it but reports that the write operation succeeded.
Far manager creates 'nul' folder when I try to extract files from archive to 'nul' device.
Steps To ReproduceUsing Far manager open ZIP files archive and try to extract them to 'nul' device, i.e. specify 'nul' without quotes as destination path. You will notice that 'nul' folder is created and all files are extracted instead of copied to 'nul' device.
Additional InformationFar Manager, version 3.0 (build 4321) x64
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