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0002982Far ManagerSetAttrpublic2015-04-06 16:35
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PlatformindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0002982: Newest builds of FAR show 'file locked' error when changing DOS file attributes on locked files
DescriptionWhen changing attributes on 'locked' files, newer FAR builds display error, but attributes are correctly changed.
Previous versions (I have build 3800 for test) change attributes silently, without errors.
Usually that happens with content downloaded by torrents. While data is seeded/downloaded, changing any of file properties/attributes results in error 'The process cannot access file because it's used by another process'. If the error is cancelled, file attributes are successfully changes.
Far v.3 build 3800 does not have this problem, it silently modifies attributes.
I understand that's a minor annoyance, since attributes are correctly changed, but errors are annoying
Steps To Reproduce1. Start downloading torrent
2. While the data is downloaded or seeded, try to change hidden attribute
3. Popup error 'File is used by another process', though attribute is correctly changed.
As I said in desctiption, build 3800 does not have this error.
Tested in nightly build, problem's still there
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