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0003020Far ManagerSymLink/HardLinkpublic2015-07-11 18:33
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003020: symlinks on windows shares not copied as symlinks
DescriptionWhen I access windows network shares using the Network plugin, I can see symlinks, and in its file attributes menu, I can see the path it's pointing to.

However, if I do a copy operation, instead of copying the symlink, Far tries to resolve it. If the link is relative, it will then copy its contents. If the link is absolute, it will erroneously resolve as a path on the local machine, and likely fail (or worse, copy files from your own machine). The checkbox 'Copy contents of symbolic links' has no effect, on or off.
Steps To Reproduce1. Prepare a second machine with a network share that contains a symlink.
2. Try copying the symlink to your local host.
Additional InformationWindows by default restricts access to symlinks on network shares, since they open up the possibility for hijacking when running executables off of them. This is not my scenario though, I just want to copy my projects directory to my laptop, without having to resort to rsync-like tools.
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