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Summary0003031: FAR freeze when typing some letters in command line on root path of server with ABE enabled
Descriptionsome command lines freeze when path is a Windows share with ABE (Access-Based Enumeration) enabled
ABE is a feature on the server that Microsoft use to not show folder you don't have access to. It exist as a additional feature in W2K3 and is included since W2K8. It is not activated by default.

In FAR, when path is on a Windows network share (2008 R2) and I type a command with c,d or p (also upercase C,D,P) FAR is not responding anymore and server CPU goes to 100%.
Client is Windows7 x64
Steps To Reproduce1.
net use f: \\server\share
where share is on a Windows 2012R2 server with ABE activated on this share

in FAR have the path to root of F:\ (problem is at root folder only)

start to type a command. If you type c,d,p,C,D or P as first letter or after a space or "/" like

bla bla bla bla p
net use /d

FAR will freeze. You go to the server that is now running at 100% cpu and disable ABE on the share. FAR will be responsive again.
Additional Informationgoing to the root of the share with net:server, then on the share is also possible. Behaviour is the same. Freeze when current path is in root folder only.

Tested with FAR

3.0.4336 (x64) nighlty
3.0.4242 (x86)
3.0.4242 (x64)
3.0.4040 (x64)
3.0.4400 (x64)
3.0.4400 (x86) on x64 OS
3.0.4401 (x86) on x64 OS

With 3.0.4400 (x86) on x64 OS was tested on a fresh PC (FAR was never installed there) in the same domain. FAR subfolders Addons, Plugins, ..., were deleted.
User is Local Admin

I don't know if this issue always existed. I do use FAR a lot and I am surprised that I only see it now.

ABE is badly coded on Windows and high CPU usage is an issue I already saw in other cases (multiple client in windows explorer all refreshing the same folder will increase server CPU a lot).
Still I cannot understand why the problem is triggered by FAR and what those letters are triggering.

Windows workaround : (not tested), what it does is limit the depth the ABE is active.

If you want to do some testing and don't want to loose time with the GUI on the server that will be very slow you can get this tool:
abecmd /disable shareName
abecmd /enable shareName

Test was done on 2 clients and on a single server and share
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2015-07-28 07:50

reporter   bugnote:0013725

If Options --> Command line settings : AutoComplete is not active the issue does not exist.

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