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Summary0003101: Access mapped drives (with login)
this is a little difficult to describe. I'll reduce that to a single point at the moment (see A).

A) - different LANs
1. I have a gateway to a different LAN. There's a mapped drive P: to one of the servers there.
2. In Win Explorer I see the mapping and with a single click I can open P:
3. Far (latest version) says (Alt-F1): "disconnected" and asks for username and password - even I opened it in Explorer already (see C).

B) - same LANs
Another issue appears after a fresh boot in a LAN: the mapped drives on single Win-servers (no AD) in a LAN are not working correct. In Explorer I can open them with a single click. far sais: disconnected... And: After opening a mapped drive in Explorer I can open them in Far (opposite to A).

Far 2 (yes I still have it :-) does not have the described problem B, but A.

There are similar issues still on my NAS at home sometimes (we had this problem some weeks ago here and i thought it was solved). But yesterday... I'll keep an eye on it.

This is all I can say at the moment. Not much. I hope it's not too confusing and that you can reproduce this somehow.

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2015-10-24 13:32

reporter   bugnote:0014012

Maybe this is a starting point. NAS at home:

- Client WinXP SP3
- NAS (Single server mode, no AD/Ldap/...)
- NAS is mapped to S: in Win as \\\Files (don't remember password)

1. NAS is running; fresh reboot of the PC
2. Far asks for user/pw for S:. If I enter pw Far doesn't accept it and asks again.
3. In Win Explorer: Doubleclick on S:. Explorer asks for password. If I enter pw everything is ok and I can reach the files. After that Far handles S: ok.

This is basically the same as in problem A and B I mentioned above.
So, why Far doesn't take the password?

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