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0003114Far ManagerEditorpublic2015-11-03 22:16
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version8
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Summary0003114: Editor crashes FAR on saving. The file is trashed.
DescriptionThis is one of the most serious bugs one can ever encounter in any software package.
Very randomly but still happened to me on several occasions, the FAR Manager just disappears when saving a file during editing. No crash dialog is shown by the operating system.
Worst of all the file that was being edited at the time of saving/crashing gets zero size. The content is gone forever.
The damage from this behavior was rather severe. Some important files were trashed and I do not know how to recover them.

I have been using FAR for at least 15 years and trust the software for critical work as such incidents never happened before. Obviously I cannot continue using FAR for important projects.
Steps To ReproducePress F4 on a text file and start editing. The last time this happened it was a Perl file with extension .pl. I kept editing the file, saving it, closing the editor and running the file. Then again in the same sequence. If I remember correctly other trashed files also were perl files. However I mostly edit other file type in different software only pl files exclusively in FAR so it can be a red herring.
Additional InformationFar 3.0 build 3800 x64
Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit. 16GB memory Core i7-4702HQ CPU.
TagsEditor crash, zero size



2015-11-03 22:12

developer   bugnote:0014054

I agree with you that it is a serious issue. But it has never occurred to me with Far Manager editor. Also, no one mentions such incidents on Far Manager forum.
This leads me to think that Far Manager may be not at fault but rather some plugin or macro.
Also, build 3800 is considered rather old. It is recommended to use the last stable build as many bugs had been fixed since 3800.


2015-11-03 22:16

reporter   bugnote:0014055

I only use vanilla clean installation of FAR, no other plugins besides those installed with the default installer. I will upgrade the packages and see if it is reproducible in the later releases.

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