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0003138Far ManagerCommand Line/Executepublic2019-02-22 11:06
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003138: unable to stop the beeping after accidentally dumping a binary file into the console
DescriptionSometimes I accidentally run a command that echoes the contents of a large binary file into the Far Manager console. In text mode, the byte value 0x07 is interpreted as a 'beep' character, and there are a lot of them. While this is happening, the Far window stops responding, so I can't use Ctrl+C to make it stop. I have to stop the program and start a new instance.
Steps To Reproducefc.exe kernel32.dll user32.dll



2015-12-20 11:26

administrator   bugnote:0014150

Far doesn't beep itself, console host does.

You can type "net stop beep" or "sc stop beep" in elevated console to stop that.


2015-12-20 11:34

reporter   bugnote:0014151

The point is not the beeping, the point is that Far becomes unresponsive while it's happening. If I echo a 50-meg text file, I can ctrl-c out of it at any time. I suggest checking if there isn't some trivial way to mitigate this, say for example some winapi toggle. This is a super-ancient issue so I assume programmers using the windows console must have already figured it out.

PS: Beep is a non-PnP device driver, does not like being told to stop, and requires a reboot to make it work again. I do confirm that it is possible to ctrl-c while the driver is disabled.


2015-12-20 12:24

administrator   bugnote:0014152

Yes, there is a flag of SetConsoleMode function, ENABLE_PROCESSED_OUTPUT:
Characters written by the WriteFile or WriteConsole function or echoed by the ReadFile or ReadConsole 
function are examined for ASCII control sequences and the correct action is performed. Backspace, tab, 
bell, carriage return, and line feed characters are processed.

But it makes no difference for us: when you do "type binary.exe" it's processed by cmd.exe, which sets its own mode (including the flag above) anyway.


2019-02-22 10:35

updater   bugnote:0016462

Shouldn't we close this issue?

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