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0003174Far Manager_Commonpublic2017-10-20 00:04
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version3.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003174: Crash on window resize (Alt-F9 and also with Windows own resize functionality)
DescriptionWhen using 3.0.4544 and not using Minidump FAR reports the following:

Address: 0x00007FF72C62BAF7
Function: wmain
Module: C:\Program Files\Far Manager\Far.exe

The crash occurs with and without plugins (parameter /p).

Crash dumps are uploaded here (too big for this site):!q8xhlLxI!dIwQ9RJPiVkZ02ifPR3XT5mQVGYSBi7xiQtn1znZ64c
Steps To Reproduce1. Open FAR.
2. Move window to first screen (Asus UX303LA, via HDMI connected monitor).
3. Press Alt-F9 two times (non-fullscreen, then fullscreen)
4. Crash occurs.
Additional InformationCrash also occured with 3.0.4503. But not with some older version.
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2016-02-08 11:24

reporter   bugnote:0014290

Uhmm... I deleted the public viewable crash dump due to security reasons. Valid developer may get the link.


2016-02-09 10:30

reporter   bugnote:0014292

To be clear: the crash only happens when FAR is located on the main screen. It does not happen when it's located on the second screen.


2017-10-20 00:01

reporter   bugnote:0015719

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I can still reproduce this behavior with Far 3.0.5064 / Win10 Build 17017 on a Surface Book. I just found out, this problem vanishes if I tick "Wrap text output on resize"


2017-10-20 00:02

reporter   bugnote:0015720

Without the tick it also happens without plugins ("far.exe /ΓΌ").

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