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0003249PluginsNetBoxpublic2017-03-26 16:06
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Summary0003249: Infinite file upload loop, TLS/SSL FTP explicit file transfer, when control connection timeout occurs

My provider firewall's TCP session timeout is ~5 minutes. Local and the remote side behind NAT+firewall. I use TLS/SSL FTP explicit connection. Connection settings: Passive mode, Executing dummy protocol commands, seconds between keepalives: 30 seconds.
If the file transfer takes longer time than the session timeout, after uploading a file is completed, I get "Timeout detected. (control connection)" message (but only when the transfer takes longer than time of the session timeout per file), after reconnect the file transfer restarts again, and again from last file. This infinite loop occurs when one or multiple files uploaded.

I have and reported same problem in WinSCP:, but in case after reconnect, file upload continues from the next file.

Far version 3.0.4693 x86
NetBox version 26.05.2016
Problem is not OS dependent.

Thank you!
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2016-07-16 20:02

reporter   bugnote:0014666

Problem solved.

You must copy NetBox record-file to other directory.
edit this record-file (F4)
And TLS/SSL working :)

Have a nice day :P


2016-08-04 19:19

reporter   bugnote:0014686

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I tried your solution, but unfortunately it does not solve the problem.


2016-09-25 17:18

reporter   bugnote:0014801

This problem is present in the new NetBox 23.09.2016 version too.


2017-02-05 17:27


infinite_upload_ftp_tls_ssl_explicit.log (61,618 bytes)


2017-02-05 17:33

reporter   bugnote:0015210

This problem is present in the new NetBox 28.01.2017 version too.


2017-02-05 17:34


upload_ok_ftp_tls_ssl_explicit.log (79,113 bytes)


2017-03-26 14:53

reporter   bugnote:0015304

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In a new NetBox 24.03.2017 version the Far Manager hang up without "Timeout detected. (control connection)" message. Force quit is required. This problem occurs only when timeout set is 0.

If set the timeout as another value (e.g. 15 sec), the original problem is present in NetBox 24.03.2017.

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