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0003313Far ManagerPlugins API.Panelpublic2017-12-01 19:53
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Summary0003313: FCTL_SETPANELDIRECTORY not working for certain types of paths
DescriptionPanelControl(PANEL_ACTIVE, FCTL_SETPANELDIRECTORY, ...) will fail if the panel is a standard FAR panel (not a plugin panel), all elements of FarPanelDirectory except Name are empty and Name contains valid paths starting with double backslash, e.g. \\.\pipe. The same path will get processed correctly with command-line cd \\.\pipe, but as far as I can tell, it is impossible to invoke from a plugin. It would be nice if FCTL_SETPANELDIRECTORY could do the same thing as CD, or if that is not possible, that an interface to CD be opened for plugin use.
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2016-11-13 21:40

reporter   bugnote:0015011

Apparently, this isn't a bug in FAR per se. The observed behavior is caused by the plugin which doesn't respond to Info.OpenFrom = OPEN_SHORTCUT, which is used in this situation. However, I myself never realized this necessity and there are other plugins with the same issue - e.g. NetBox. For this reason, a special note should be made in the Encyclopedia for FCTL_SETPANELDIRECTORY.


2017-12-01 19:16

updater   bugnote:0015881

I understand issue in summary, but not your above comment.

In summary you write about standard file panel (not plugin).
But your further comment seems unrelated.


2017-12-01 19:44

reporter   bugnote:0015883

That comment was apparently a mistake, intended for another bugreport.


2017-12-01 19:53

updater   bugnote:0015885

pepak wrote

..valid paths starting with double backslash..
As I can see \\ is ok in such cases:

But not ok in this:

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