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0003349PluginsNetBoxpublic2016-11-17 16:18
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Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003349: OpenW fails to handle Info.OpenFrom == OPEN_SHORTCUT

When attempting to open a NetBox panel using PanelControl(PANEL_ACTIVE, FCTL_SETPANELDIRECTORY, ...), the command will fail because NetBox doesn't respond to Info.OpenFrom == OPEN_SHORTCUT in its OpenW function. This prevents Named Folders Lite from executing stored bookmarks pointing to NetBox. The solution simply involves adding the same code for OPEN_SHORTCUT as is already being used for OPEN_DISKMENU.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install Named Folders Lite:
2) Open NetBox panel.
3) Store bookmark to the NetBox panel in NFL: cd::book
4) Open any other panel.
5) Try to restore NetBox panel: cd:book
6) NetBox panel should open.
Additional InformationTested with NetBox
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2016-11-13 22:33

developer   bugnote:0015012

NetBox responds:
works for me.


2016-11-13 22:51

reporter   bugnote:0015013

Not for me. It works if the plugin's panel has already been opened, but that's not what I am trying to solve.


2016-11-13 23:33

developer   bugnote:0015014

no. for me works when on both panels local disks.


2016-11-17 16:18

reporter   bugnote:0015023

I understand now where the misunderstanding lies: I am *not* trying to open a panel for a host - I am trying to open the host list of NetBox (what I would get if I simply select NetBox in the drive menu), particularly some dubdirectory of it. Opening host panels works (well, almost - I am getting "Not implemented. Code: 3015" on my test FTP, but I do get a reaction from NetBox), but opening host list does not.

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