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0003421Far ManagerInterfacepublic2017-04-10 13:46
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003421: Console hight not restored when exiting from full screen
DescriptionI can use <Alt-F9> to maximize the console window. Pressing <Alt-F9> again will restore the console window to its original size. In both situations FAR will fit itself to the size of the console window.

If I use <Alt-Enter> to switch the console window to full screen FAR will perfectly fit the screen.

However, if I now use <Alt-Enter> again to restore the console window to its original size, FAR will only adjust itself to the width of the console window. As hight FAR will still assume the hight it used in full screen.

The bug is 100% reproducible.

It doesn't matter if I start FAR directly or from the command line.
It doesn't matter if I use the "-w" or "-w-" command line paramters.
It doesn't matter if I use "Raster Fonts" or "True Type" fonts for the console.
It doesn't matter if the console window and the screen buffer have the same size or a different size.

Using <Alt-Enter> to switch to full screen will only work on the normal Windows 10 console. When using "legacy console" the key combination will not work.
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