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0003429PluginsNetBoxpublic2017-04-27 12:37
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Summary0003429: NetBox 2.4.3 Plugin crashes on FAR startup (2.4.2 does not)
DescriptionThe NetBox Plugin included in FAR 3.0.4939 (NetBox 24.03.2017) works without any problems.

The Plugin included in FAR 3.0.4943 (NetBox 23.04.2017) just crashes as soon as I start FAR.

Starting FAR 3.0.4943 without Netbox 2.4.3 will work without problems.
Starting FAR 3.0.4943 with Netbox 2.4.2 will work without problems.
Starting FAR 3.0.4943 with Netbox 2.4.3 will always instantly crash.

After deleting "42E4AEB1-A230-44F4-B33C-F195BB654931.db" (NetBox Plugin configuration database) FAR will start without crash even with NetBox 2.4.3.

So I assume from NetBox 2.4.2 to 2.4.3 there where some internal changes in the way settings are stored and when 2.4.3 reads the 2.4.2 settings, I will not detect them as old but instead just crash.
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