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0003470Far ManagerDrive Menupublic2019-11-21 21:01
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0003470: GetVHDInfo called even DRIVE_SHOW_TYPE is not set and even under XP where VHD API is not available
Opening the drive menu is delayed on my XP by 3..4 seconds. It happens when a certain USB disk is attached. If not accessed for 30 seconds then the next attempt to open any handle on it takes 3..4 seconds. Opening the drive menu in FAR gets this delay because the drive has drive type DRIVE_FIXED and that's good enough for DriveCanBeVirtual to return true so GetVHDInfo is called and does not return for 3..4 seconds.
But under XP and Vista the VHD API isn't available, so calling GetVHDInfo should be called only on Windows 7 and higher. And it should be called only if DRIVE_SHOW_TYPE is active.

Since "virtual" is the only drive type that requires to open the volume for read access, a drive menu option "show disk type virtual" would be nice to have in case this causes a delay.

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2017-09-02 21:03

administrator   bugnote:0015546



2017-09-02 21:08

administrator   bugnote:0015547

> a drive menu option "show disk type virtual" would be nice to have in case this causes a delay

Not sure about this - on systems where virtual drives are supported it's instant.
I've added OS version check so hopefully it won't cause troubles on XP now.


2017-09-03 08:57

reporter   bugnote:0015548

Thanks! But usually it is instant even under XP. I occurs just with this one USB drive when
CreateFile is called for the volume. And it does under Windows 7 and 10 too.
So this option would be useful there.
And I remember that there is a unresolved delay issues in the support forum. Maybe it's the same problem.


2017-09-03 10:37

administrator   bugnote:0015549

> the drive has drive type DRIVE_FIXED

Strange. All USB drives I've ever seen were DRIVE_REMOVABLE.
Is that what GetDriveType API returns?


2017-09-03 20:46

reporter   bugnote:0015551

Its a USB harddrive, all I have ever seen where DRIVE_FIXED (yes, what GetDriveType returns).
Most USB flash drive return DRIVE_REMOVABLE even they have no removable media. At least they process IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA and further accesses lead to ERROR_NOT_READY :-)


2019-11-21 21:01

administrator   bugnote:0016653

5512 - added option for VHD detection.

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