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0003563Far ManagerSort Orderpublic2017-11-30 21:29
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003563: When sorting by extension, consider files like `.gitignore` as files without extension
DescriptionI mostly use "extension" sort order in panel.
Far considers files like `.gitignore` as files without name and with extension `gitignore`, so `.gitignore` is shown between `application.conf` and `application.xml`.
I think if a file matches a regexp /^\.[^.]*$/, the file should be considered to have no extension (so, sort order before any other extension).

P.S. Far displays files in panels with their names aligned to the left and their extensions aligned to the right. I can see `.gitignore` is fully aligned to the left, it means that for display purposes Far is already following the idea I mentioned above.

Thanks in advance :)
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