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0003569Far ManagerFindFilespublic2018-01-11 16:27
ReporterVladV Assigned ToDrKnS  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003569: Find files from current folder doesn't work in shared network folder
DescriptionIf I search for a file "from the current folder" nothing is found.

But if I go to upper (..) and select this folder (area="Selected folders") I see a lot of files found.
Steps To ReproduceStart Far
Go to a shared network folder with files.
Search (Alt+F7) for *.* with area "from the current folder" or "the current folder only" - nothing is found?!

Sometimes it finds files if I do to upper folder, select my folder and search in "selected folders".



2017-12-14 14:26


MWSnap 2017-12-14, 17_22_15.png (18,578 bytes)   
MWSnap 2017-12-14, 17_22_15.png (18,578 bytes)   


2017-12-21 21:53

administrator   bugnote:0015929

I can't reproduce this one, but 5114 fixes somewhat similar error, please check.


2018-01-11 08:55

reporter   bugnote:0015942

Всё равно не находит. Билд 5123.

Это как-то связано с глубиной папки.
Файл не находится в текущей папке и подпапке (уровень 0 и -1).
За то запросто находится в подпапке в подпапке (уровень -2)


2018-01-11 16:27

administrator   bugnote:0015945

What is the full name of that directory?

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