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0003618Far ManagerViewerpublic2018-06-13 12:50
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Summary0003618: Feature 'view dump' annoys when watching mixed (binary/text) files
DescriptionWhen I open (F3) mixed files (binary+text logs) viewer jumps every time into 'Dump' mode, making hard to view the file. Every time I have to switch back to Text mode. Is it possible to disable this function completely or disable it switching automatically?
Steps To Reproduce1. Open file 444 in viewer.
2. Viewer goes into 'dump' mode.
demo file '444' is attached
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Dmitry Gostev

2018-06-13 12:37


444 (19,306 bytes)
444 (19,306 bytes)


2018-06-13 12:50

developer   bugnote:0016134

One quick solution would be to use a macro like this:
Macro {
  area="Shell"; key="F3"; flags="NoFolders";
  action=function() Keys("F3 ShiftF4 Home Enter") end;

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