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0003620Far ManagerFiles Highlightingpublic2019-08-10 12:37
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003620: A thriller: Far doesn't re-read removable disks after PC wakes up. Have fun!
DescriptionI've run in a really surprising issue.

I highlighted file differences while copying my project files from a folder structure on my local drive to the same folder structure on a removable drive (RD). Then I Hyberbated my machine and removed the RD (in that order), brought it to another computer, modified some project files (in particular, created, deleted and updated some files; no new or deleted folders), copied the project files to the RD (also using FAR), inserted the RD in the first computer, waked it up (in that order) and found that FAR stores information about my files in sort of a cache: while comparing my files in several folders on my RD (as FAR showed it) with the same folders on the local disk I found no difference at all: "The folder contents seems to be identical"! Oops! Did I copy the files or not?

Now, to add more emotions to this, imagine me, driving to my home place only to find that my home PC and my stick have exactly the same files! Bump!

That is, on one PC, FAR reports that the files on an RD do not differ from one set of files; on another PC, it reports that the very same files on the very same RD do not differ from another set of files. Isn't this nice?

Restarting FAR on my workplace solved the enigma.
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2018-06-16 15:08

developer   bugnote:0016136

Your report makes sense to me.
While it is not fixed, it is probably enough to press Ctrl-R in removable drive panel, no need to restart Far.


2018-06-16 15:32

administrator   bugnote:0016137

> I Hyberbated my machine and removed the RD (in that order)
> inserted the RD in the first computer, waked it up (in that order)

Short answer: don't do that.
With this approach your OS has no chance to notice that the files have been cnahged and obviously it won't send any notifications to apps like Far.
I cannot see how we can fix this "bug".


2018-06-16 15:40

developer   bugnote:0016138

OS sends applications a notification about "wake-up" (correct me if I'm wrong). This is a chance for Far Manager to re-read its panels.


2018-06-16 15:45

reporter   bugnote:0016139

@DrKns. Looks like your short answer throws me downstairs and declares me guilty of misusing my PCs, my Windows, my sticks, my FAR (or, is it a someone else's FAR?) etc. and, in addition, of being unable to help you with an idea how to fix this issue. I wonder what an expanded version contains. Won't you share it, will you?


2018-06-16 16:43

administrator   bugnote:0016140

@andreismolin, my answer only suggests using common sense.

Nevertheless, you, as the rightful owner, can use or misuse your PC, your Windows, your sticks, your Far etc. in any way you like, as long as it's legal in your area.


2019-08-07 02:27

reporter   bugnote:0016553

@shmuel: Great idea. Far Manager can watch for the WM_POWERBROADCAST message with the PBT_APMRESUMEAUTOMATIC event, and automatically refresh panels in response.


2019-08-10 12:36

reporter   bugnote:0016570

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The "guilty" person here is operating system itself, because it stores states for a lot of things in RAM. When you hibernate the system, RAM content is written to the disk, and on wake up it is restored from file. If you modify anything in between of these two events, there is no way OS can find that out, and update its data structures in RAM, thus your new data/files would be invisible for it, and can be destroyed even on unmount. If you really need to modify files on your flash drive while your machine is hibernated, you should unmount that drive first.

I had a similar experience back in 2003-2005, in my case it was a shared between two systems hard drive. I was putting one system to hibernation, and working/testing some things in other one. On first look everything was working fine, until my mail client reported data corruption in storage files. Upon check/rebuild I've lost several emails, but nothing important, thankfully. But I didn't realize what was the reason of that first :). It took just 2 or 3 corruptions to make me realize that I'm doing something wrong, and understand what exactly is wrong.
But as @DrKnS said, it is all up to you :)

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