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0003648Far ManagerTemporary panelpublic2018-09-07 09:12
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003648: Folders are very Harry Potter alike... suspicious.
DescriptionIf folder is listed on the temp pannel the FAR's behaviour meets the following description:

1. LIMITATION OF WORKING WITH ARCHIVE FOLDER NAMES. If there are folder listed on the temp pannel then you go into "Suck for files" mode - you can only suck (files) from it, both copy and the move make coaccident of files, not folders been taken. It's a ... insideout towards the contents... Archive folders on the floor.).
2. LIMITATION OF THE SEARCH. You can't search inside of any folder listed on the temp. pannel without leaving the pannel and going in. Folders are "melting-pot"-closed to the user (secured from user , that's for it in real life).
3. LIMITATION OF THE WORK PANEL SELECTION. Here is currently No way to select folders on the pannel based on the given file list ( e.g.

You can:
tmp:< dir /b *.exe

Desired also:
tmp: 2<dir /b *.zip
0 — STDIN, 1 — STDOUT и 2 — STDERR ...

That's not a File and ARCHIVE manager behaviour! About A-manager that's just scientifically incorrect

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ВТФ дид ай джаст рид?


2018-09-07 09:12

updater   bugnote:0016236

This is not bug report, definitely, so it should be closed.
And Angeliccare is invited to discuss their ideas on the forum.

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