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0003707Far ManagerInterfacepublic2019-04-28 15:10
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003707: Strange problem when deleting colon char in web address
DescriptionFar hangs when you remove a colon character from the command line.
Steps To ReproduceTry this:
1. copy to clipboard web address with two or slash chars (for example
2. paste this address in far command line (shift+insert)
3. move the cursor to the beginning of the address (left arrow)
5. press delete several times to delete the characters at the beginning of the string (http:/)

When you try to delete : char far will hang for several seconds
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2019-04-27 01:52

administrator   bugnote:0016485

When you delete : the string becomes a theoretically valid network path - "//" and Far tries to read the subdirectory "2" of the network share "1" of the server "" to show you the autocompletion list.
However, your local network probably doesn't have such server and Windows needs some time to realise that.

You can turn off autocompletion in Options - Command Line settings (after that it can still be invoked manually using Ctrl+Space).


2019-04-27 12:07

reporter   bugnote:0016488

Thank you!!
I thought it was connected to a network resource, but I did not know how to disable it.
It was very irritating, thank you very much :)

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