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0003739Far ManagerPoliciespublic2019-09-21 12:02
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
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Summary0003739: #5463.1 causes incompatibility with plugins
Description#5463.1 causes issues with some plugins, particularly RESearch in conjunction with NetBox - when these two plugins are used in build 5463 or newer, FAR will crash on exit. On the forum a workaround has been mentioned ( ) which seems to work for some but is not actually correct - I have been debugging the cause of the crash with the x64 FAR and it originates in FAR rather than the plugins themselves - it somehow leads to reading a VMT (looking up a destructor during the termination phase of FAR) on the heap after the location has been freed, which causes the crash. Any workarounds will only mean that the error will manifest elsewhere. I would recommend returning COM initialization to pre-5463 version, unless we can find a real fix or there is a compelling reason to use multithreaded initialization (something better than "seems to be more correct").
Steps To Reproduce1) Install clean FAR 3.0.5463 or newer.
2) Delete the profile. (Not necessary.)
3) Delete all plugins except for NetBox.
4) Install RESearch 8.67 (the latest).
5) Run FAR.
6) Exit FAR -> crash.

Unfortunately, it very much depends on the actual state of the memory and possibly the compiler used, too. It works realiably on my computer with a build using Visual Studio 2019 now, but I can't get it to work with the archives downloaded from Some test executables that work for me are attached.
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