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0003743Far ManagerFilterspublic2019-10-06 16:10
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003743: Implemented: select files in panels according to a filter
DescriptionAttached is a patch which extends the Filters menu (CTRL+I) with a support for selecting/unselecting files in the active panel according to a filter: When a cursor is on a filter, press "S" to select all files matching this filter, press "U" to unselect all files matching this filter, and press "*" to invert selection of all files matching this filter. I find this much more useful than the actual filters, because it doesn't require any further action (compared to filter selection - after I do that, I have to remember to clear the filter afterwards). The patch is intended for build 5476, apply using git apply patch.diff.
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2019-10-06 14:12

reporter (2,052 bytes)


2019-10-06 16:08

administrator   bugnote:0016614

Filtered selection is already available with Gray + and -.
Why do we need another (and much less obvious) way?


2019-10-06 16:10

reporter   bugnote:0016615

Because my patch does not *filter*, it *selects*. And it does it *immediately*, not *after the dialog is closed*. I find it much more useful and thought other people might like it as well. If not, whatever, I can always compile my own FAR version.

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