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0003752Far Manager_Commonpublic2019-11-29 10:02
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Summary0003752: Vital component missing
DescriptionFar should handle itself (without using a plugin) MTP and other devices that don't have a drive letter. It's a very important function nowadays when it's full of smartphones that only show as MTP devices and they have no drive letters. Right now they are invisible to FAR, which is a serious problem. Advanced File Compare doesn't work well with PortaDev (ignores scanning of subfolders even if it's set to scan them). FAR should handle itself the MTP devices. Times have changed, it's time for FAR to stop being blind to devices without drive letters. It's like a handicap FAR has. And that's a pity, considering that it's the best file manager I've ever seen and I'm using it for about 20 years.
Steps To ReproduceConnect and Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, for example) to the PC using an USB cable. Unfortunately, FAR is blind, it doesn't see the device unless users manually install PortaDev. I explained in the description why this is unacceptable.
Additional InformationPlease keep FAR a great file manager.
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> Advanced File Compare doesn't work well with PortaDev
Why did you not write this in PortaDev/Advanced Compare discussion?

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