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0003775PluginsArclitepublic2020-02-16 06:30
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003775: An incorrect password entered once is saved for the following operations
DescriptionTested with zip.

If you go into a password-protected archive and try to view the file, but enter the wrong password, you cannot enter the correct password until you exit and enter the archive again.

So if you try to bruteforce own forgotten password, you must re-open archive each time you make a try to next guess.
Steps To Reproduce1. Enter to password protected (zip tested) archive with any.txt file.
2. Open this any.txt in viewer (F3).
3. Type a wrong password.
4. Select any "Ignore.." or "Cancel" after warning appears.
5. If "Ignore.." was chosen at previous step, quit from viewer (F10)
6. Try to view this file again, or any else in this archive (F3) - only warning window will be showed without abbility to enter right password.
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2020-02-16 06:30

reporter   bugnote:0016740

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