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0003779Far Manager_Commonpublic2020-04-13 16:29
ReporterOlegR Assigned To 
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003779: Far Manager always starts in fullscreen mode
DescriptionSee Summary. The problem appears about 1-2 month ago. If I enter Far system bar/Properties/Layout and try to change Width/Height
1. If I start Far from taskbar (it is common) then Far silently crashes. After restart it is again in fullscreen mode.
2. If I start Far from start menu bar, then the message like the following appears "Symbolic link "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Far Manager 3 x64\Far Manager 3 x64.lnk does not exist". After restart it is in fullscreen mode yet.

Workaround. Start File Explorer. Enter "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Far Manager 3 x64\" folder. Click "Far Manager 3 x64.lnk" and select Properties with right mouse button. Change "Run:" to "Normal window". After that everything works fine and you can change Far size and position.

It looks simple, but I spend huge amount of time to discover workaround.
Steps To ReproduceReproduced after fresh Windows installation.
Additional InformationWindows 10 Pro, the latest update. Fresh installation from scratch about 3 months ago. No special setting. Administrator single user. Kaspersky AV. Standard i-5 PC. Far installation for "all users", but "only for me" does not change nothing.
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2020-04-12 16:53

reporter   bugnote:0016799

Олег, автор, как я понимаю, наш и прекрасно говорит по-русски )


2020-04-12 19:32

reporter   bugnote:0016801

Валерий, да я в курсе. Но этот зверь как начал со мной болтать не по-нашему, пришлось отвечать на тарабарском. Уже когда нашел место, куда попал мой баг, понял, что погорячился.


2020-04-13 13:09

reporter   bugnote:0016805

У Вас вот такой ошибки никогда не было? У меня в 100% случаев.


2020-04-13 16:29

reporter   bugnote:0016807

Валерий, я вам ответил в ветке вашего бага.

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