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0003801Far ManagerInterfacepublic2020-06-12 08:32
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003801: Shift + RAlt toggles panels on/off
DescriptionShift + Right Alt (AltGr) toggles panels on/off from version about 5607. Version 5600 was OK. In Windows 10 are special characters on a keyboard with the key combination Shift + RAlt + something, but now it is not possible to write these special characters in the command line or in the text editor.
Steps To ReproducePress Shift (left or right, doesn't matter) and AltGr (right Alt) together in the panel mode, editor or viewer.
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2020-06-08 17:18

administrator   bugnote:0016869

AltGr is technically indistinguishable from LCtrl+RAlt, so your combination effectively becomes Ctrl+Alt+Shift, which is a shortcut to hide panels.

This is related to

You can either set System.CASRule in far:config to 1 to hide panels only with left keys, or to 0 to disable this feature completely. In either case AltGr+Shift will work as before.


2020-06-12 08:32

reporter   bugnote:0016870

It works, thanks.

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