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0003803PluginsNetBoxpublic2020-11-25 08:26
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003803: underscore in filenames may make synchronization list non empty even when files are in sync
DescriptionWhen connecting with SFTP protocol to a unix (bsd) machine, the folder might contain files containing underscore (_). Also there might be nearby files that matches the prefix before underscore. For example


if such files are exist at both sides after the synchronization, the NetBox will repeatedly suggest the undescored files to be synchronized again even when they're all match by all counts.

For undescore-containing files that have no correspondent files with the same before-underscore prefix, the issue probably does not exist so in the case above, if there's no sccontentmngr.png, but something like start.png follows by the sort order, then the synchrnization list will be empty
Steps To Reproduce1. Create two text files with any contents at Windows side

2. Copy them to remote site (SFTP)

3. Make Mirror operation

4. See that beforeunderscore_anytext.txt suggested for synchronization
Additional InformationOriginal WinSCP in Far 1.75 doesn't show this behavior
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2020-06-22 08:28


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2020-11-25 08:26

reporter   bugnote:0016962

Причина проблемы была в некорректной реализации метода AddObject у класса TStringList (оригинальный использовал стандартный из C++ Builder, поэтому у текущего WinSCP проблемы такой нет). При добавлении отсутствующей в списке строки в отсортированном списке он добавлял в конец
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