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0003831Far ManagerEditorpublic2021-12-29 07:30
Reporterfidoman Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003831: internal editor cannot save files on mapped webdav drive

on drives mapped with Windows redirector
"net use x: https://host/folder"
FAR manager's internal editor cannot save edited files.
If one creates new file (Shift-F4) file can be saved only once.
When saving second time the error "Cannot save the file filename" occurs.
"Can't replace the file: 0x00000498 - Не удаётся заместить файл. Замещаемый файл сохранил свое первоначальное имя".
After cancelling save the file FARXXX.tmp exists in the folder where edited file is located.
Other operations (copy, delete, mkdir etc.) work as intended.
The file can be edited with notepad.exe without any issues.
Network drive is served with apache with mod_dav_fs.
Steps To Reproducemount webdav drive with windows redirector
create text file on it
open with internal editor
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2021-12-23 10:36

reporter   bugnote:0017295

3.0.5888.0 x64 - still reproduced


2021-12-24 00:39

developer   bugnote:0017296

Try to change setting Editor.SaveSafely = false


2021-12-24 10:26

reporter   bugnote:0017297

Thanks, it works.
Is it final solution?


2021-12-29 07:30

developer   bugnote:0017304

I do not know.
Both modes have good and bad scenarios.
Maybe make sense to have selective option by disk or disk type...

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