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0003832PluginsEMenupublic2020-12-04 01:45
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003832: [15852:ShellIpcClient] Run Run called on MessageLoop that`s already been Quit!
Description[15852:ShellIpcClient] Run Run called on MessageLoop that`s already been Quit!

[8384:ShellIpcClient] Run Run called on MessageLoop that`s already been Quit!

Steps To ReproduceF11[Plugins]
Context menu

Additional InformationFar manager, version 3.0.5699 x64

Plugin information
Title: EMenu
Description: EMenu Plugin for Far Manager
Author: Eugene Roshal & Far Group
Module path: C:\Program Files\Far Manager\Plugins\EMenu\EMenu.dll
Plugin UUID: 742910F1-02ED-4542-851F-DEE37C2E13B2
Plugin Item UUID: C8660293-6195-4303-9A5F-A6E7F603AE12
Plugin prefix: rclk:rclk_txt:rclk_gui:rclk_cmd:rclk_item

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2020-12-03 22:05

reporter   bugnote:0016964

Far 2020-12-04 000057.jpg (43,414 bytes)   
Far 2020-12-04 000057.jpg (43,414 bytes)   


2020-12-04 01:09

administrator   bugnote:0016965

When you open a context menu, all registered shell extensions are loaded into the Far process. These extensions implement custom context menu items, shown by various software.
Sometimes the authors of these extensions add various debug logging messages to their code to see what is going on in various situations.
Sometimes these authors are too lazy to implement a proper logging and they just print stuff to the standard output stream, connected to a console.
Windows Explorer doesn't have a console attached to it, so all these messages go into the void.
Far, on the contrary, does have a permanently attached console - you're looking at it.
Therefore, any debug stuff these lazy people print in their extensions ends up in that console.

It's quite sad, but there's nothing we can do about it.

Please search for that string ("Run Run called on MessageLoop that`s already been Quit") in your Program Files folder and, once found, report to the corresponding product owners. I suspect that in your case it's Google Drive.


2020-12-04 01:42

reporter   bugnote:0016966

Thank you very much!

Please close issue

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